The first tribute to the phenmenon of Jake and Elwood Blues and often referred to as a tribute band, Briefcase Blues is much more than just a band. It is an authentic, seasoned soul/rock n roll/rhythm and blues outfit that reproduces the Blues Brothers concert/show as originally created for the stage by Saturday Night Live comedians Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

From their first appearance in September of 1983 (just a year after John Belushi's untimely passing), Briefcase Blues has endured for a record 31 years by essaying the best of the Blues Brothers tunes and carefully selected songs. Combined with the music, delivered by a consistently professional 7-8 piece band, Briefcase Blues has been fronted for over three decades by the lead performances of vocalist J. Leggio (as Joliet Jake Blues) and vocalist/harmonica player Lee Schwing (as Elwood Blues). In terms of sheer lineage, Briefcase Blues precedes any oher show in the known entertainment world portraying Jake and Elwood -tribute band or not- by years, if not decades, of duration.

Rather than create a parody or variation of the original Jake and Elwood characters, Leggio and Schwing have worked through the years tostick to the characterizations and vocal/musical stylings that Aykroyd and Belushi originally used to make the two "brothers in blues" come to life. Leggio keeps his vocals raw, snarling and true to Belushi's Chicago-born sound while Schwing keeps his feet moving, his attitude reticent and his blues harps pushing out wailing notes through the mic...all backed by a powerful band and horn section.

The show has appeared in many different and exotic locales outside it's home base of Dallas, TX, including East L.A., Washington, D.C., Acapulco Bay, Alberta, Canada, and U.S. Airforce bases in Japan to name a few. It boasts a lineage of first rate musicians with the ranks of past and present sidemen including members of the Stan Kenton Orchestra (Curtis Fox), the legendary Hollywood Horns (Allan Beutler) and Edgar Winters Group (Rick Latham).

While a headliner in it's own right, Briefcase Blues appearances have included billings alongside, WAR, The Young Rascals, Kool & The Gang, Joe Walsh, Foghat, Spencer Davis, Jefferson Starship, and comedians Dennis Miller, Cheech and Chong, and SINBAD.

Briefase Blues is may be booked for live music and comedy events, private and corporate events for any size venue or audience and meet and greets.

Territory of Representation: Worldwide
Availability: General/To Support

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