Arriving on the local Charlotte scene in 2007, Chariot Awaits, originally The Freedom Fighters, brings Christian rock fans a new installment of a genre which acquired a huge following during the arena rock era. Continuing the mission of sharing faith through music, Chariot Awaits delivers an unexpectedly intense approach to Christian rock infusing original work reminiscent of the sounds of bands like Alice In Chains and Metallica with a melodic edge and seamless harmonies.

The band, comprised of vocalist/rhythm guitarist, Jonathan Laughter, drummer Nile Wilson, lead guitarist Dustin Breakfield, rhythm guitarist Eric King and bassist Austin Bridges, offers a unique diversity in it's something-for-everyone songwriting style. Featuring a multi-generational age range among its members, the band's youngest, seventeen year old Dustin Breakfield with vocalist Jon Laughter, contributes to much of the composition, the lyrics of each song reflecting personal experience, belief, and outlook in their powerful messages with tracks like 'Addiction' , 'Fire By Night', and the power ballad, 'Live Again'.

The band's debut album, Fire By Night, is now available on iTunes and CD Baby and, following it's release, launched Chariot Awaits to number 28 on the local music charts
garnering a rapidly growing following and live demand. The band is currently working on a title track video and will be announcing additional live dates in the very near future. For news and updates, visit them at:

"When people come to our shows we don't want them to be just entertained, we want them leaving feeling like they have just had an experience and to leave encouraged and changed." Nile Wilson

Situation: Generally Available/To Support
Territory of representation: Worldwide