The 1990s gave birth to the Grunge Revolution and Nirvana was the epitome of the spirit that was fostered by the movement. After Kurt Cobain's untimely death in 1994, the band's legendary cult status was legitimized. For those unfortunate enough to say they never had the chance to see the band live have at long last a Nirvana tribute band that brings the original work back to life. Nervana is the premier North American Nirvana tribute band that features the look and sound of the band without missing a detail. With signature Kurt Cobain vocals, grunge style, identifiable Fender guitars, and the actual destruction of gear while onstage, Nervana spares little expense to celebrate the music that changed the lives of so many. With a setlist that highlights the albums Nevermind, In Utero, and Bleach as well as many bootlegged and unreleased songs, Nervana sets the standard for paying tribute to one of the best known alternative bands of all time. Since Nervana's inception in 2010, the contributing three longtime friends hold each other to the standards both musically and stylistically to provide a lifelike re-creation of a Nirvana show ala 1992. With countless performances, Nervana has garnered a great respect from the Nirvana community validating their effectiveness and providing fans with the most authentic Nirvana tribute show offered.

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