From corduroy jackets, combat boots, flannel shirts and crazy hats, to the amazing sound created by Pearl Jam during the grunge revolution, Pearl Gem energetically brings it all back to the stage in a captivating performance. All of the Pearl Jam favorites, such as Jeremy, Black, Betterman, Evenflow, and Alive to name a few, are masterfully replicated through a band that spares no expense to make it's audience feel as though they've stepped into a time warp to 1992. Pearl Gem's answer to Eddie Vedder is a mirror image of the emotive singer who delivers the distinctive and powerful vocal parallel with an explosive and energetic performance that includes all of Eddie's aerial antics. Pearl Gem's Mike McReady, Stone Gossard, and Jeff Ament play their roles respectively and do it with meticulous attention to detail offering the complete look and sound through the expected Les Pauls, Fender Strats and precision bass guitars. The band also features an amazing drummer who duplicates the moves of Pearl Jam's Dave Abruzzese. Make no mistake, Pearl Gem will put you on a time machine straight back to the 90s.

Territory of Representation: Worldwide
Situation: General
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